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Chula Vista California

Chula Vista Ca

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Welcome to Chula Vista Ca

California has always been one of the best places to visit when in the US for ages now. That’s because California has the best of both worlds, the retro, crazy night-out vibe that young tourists crave, and the lively and fun places to visit for all the families that come to visit. California is all about the city girl aesthetic with country baby vibes.

California is still ranked as the 5th largest economy in the whole world. So it is a surprise to no one that most Californian counties have prominent suburban areas, making these counties the best places to raise families.

Chula Vista Ca safe and great town for families and kids
Chula Vista Ca safe and a great town for families and kids


Chula Vista on the Map

Chula Vista is located at about 7.5 miles between 2 of the most diverse downtowns in San Diego. This location of Chula Vista is what owes to it its cultural diversity. In addition, Chula Vista is located near a culturally important Tijuana site. It has many mesmerizing beaches and scenic mountains and valleys. Chula Vista is the seventh-largest city in Southern California and the second-largest city in San Diego. Has a population of whopping 300 thousand, ranking as the fifteenth most populated city in all of California.

During the Spanish settlement, this Californian city was given a Spanish name, Chula Vista, meaning beautiful view, and that’s precisely what Chula Vista offers. Located between San Diego bay and the coastal mountain foothill, Chula Vista offers the most serene experience of your life.

Now, is Chula Vista only a good tourist spot? Absolutely not. Chula Vista has all that a reliable and residential city needs. Think of Chula Vista as a complete package. We will discuss Chula Vista’s facilities, from public schools to hospitals, restaurants, housing schemes, and accommodation affordability.

How Much Does It Cost To Live in Chula Vista, Ca?

As it is known, California is one hell of an expensive state. Chula Vista is no different and definitely not the type of place for everyone. It is on the rather expensive end. Not only the houses and the real estate, but the overall cost of living is also a bit higher than the national average.

Utilities are at a whopping 21% higher than the average, making it one of the most expensive cities in San Diego. Grocery rates are also 12% higher. Gas prices have also increased across the whole of California, raising the overall transportation expenditures.

As for the housing, they are around 90% higher than the other cities in any other state. Average house rates up in Chula Vista are around 750K, while the rents are around 2.5K. So overall, the cost of living in Chula Vista is higher than one would hope.

Why Buy A House in Chula Vista?

Chula Vista Ca nature and hiking places to visit

Nature Aesthetic

The view can make or break a house or an apartment. The lush green mountains upon mountains only add to the enchanting beauty of Chula Vista and add to the serene experience of staying there. Many hiking tracks are available, surrounded by flowers and bushes that look straight out of some movie.

Chula Vista also has lakes and valleys. One such lake is the historic Otay River Valley. Though the river isn’t best for swimming, the valley surrounding the lake is mesmerizing. Otay River Valley during the sunset will be the most tranquil experience of your life.


Chula Vista Ca is the ultimate vacation spot. The beaches are what you’d exactly expect from an east coast beach, warm and breezy. Also, multiple water activities are available, such as surfing and kayaking. Chula Vista bayside park is another one of their attractions offering biking, sailing, and strolling opportunities along the view of the beautiful skyline and San Diego bridge.

Chula Vista Ca beaches Oceanside California
Chula Vista Ca beaches Oceanside California


In Chula Vista Ca, Living Coast Discovery Center is the educational center that everyone who visits the beach should visit. This center is all about the marine life native to Chula Vista. Kids would love it here.


Chula Vista Ca offers a good mix of fast-food chains and 5-star restaurants. Besides well-known fast-food chain franchises, you will see many restaurants with diverse themes and menus here. Two of Chula Vista’s most popular cuisines are Italian and Mexican. Not only is the food delicious, but it is also authentic. All Mexican and Italian food is made from scratch, whether from street vendors or high-end restaurants. So, you know it will have its unique and delicious taste.

The diversity of the population in Chula Vista, California is the reason for its diverse and authentic food.


Chula Vista may be up the preppy lane, but it knows how to party. Being the lemon capital of the world, every year, Chula Vista Ca hosts the Lemon festival. 


Chula Vista Ca Lemon festival
Chula Vista Ca Lemon festival


Just like the Tomatina festival, the lemon festival is all about lemons. Of course, there are no food fights because we are on the east coast. But there are many lemon-themed games and foods for all to enjoy.

Museums in Chula Vista

Now, this may sound boring but here this out. Rather than getting you a tour guide, Chula Vista Ca has gathered all its cultural heritage artifacts and history in a museum. The museum also pays homage to all the fallen men in the county’s service. 

Chula Vista Parks

Chula Vista Ca is the Suburban mommy; you know there will be kiddy parks. But, one of the essential things to see when looking to buy a house when you have kids is to make sure the area has good schools and good parks.

Many recreational parks, sports fields, picnic areas, family parks, and amphitheaters exist. Families with kids are going to love it here.


People who understand and appreciate art always make room for it. Chula Vista has the largest Amphitheatre in all of California, named the North Island Credit Union.


Chula Vista Ca Amphitheatre - one of the largest in the world
Chula Vista Ca Amphitheatre – one of the largest in the world


This Amphitheatre can host up to 25 thousand people at once. Plays, shows and concerts all take place in Chula Vista.

Job Market in Chula Vista Ca

Another thing Chula Vista California offers that needs to be discussed more is its brand image. All businesses are moving to snatch a place in Chula Vista to set up their main offices and franchises. All these businesses, such as tourism, education, health, and real estate, are after the image of an ideal neighborhood that is everyone’s dream.

Due to this efflux of new businesses, more people are being hired in Chula Vista. Furthermore, employment rates have increased since more than 50% of Chula Vista’s population is young. Therefore, a higher employment rate also owes more job market growth.

Diversity of Chula Vista residents

As mentioned above, due to the area’s location and rich history, Chula Vista Ca is one of the most diverse places in the US. People of all colors, ethnicities, shapes, and sizes live here. This diversity is why many different cuisines come together to offer a perfect blend of worldwide flavors.

Why Sell Property in Chula Vista?

Houses for sale in Chula Vista Ca

Trash Management Problems

Chula Vista has quite recently gone through a severe trash management problem. There was an elaborate strike conducted by the Republic Service when sanitary workers walked out due to some contract and fund issues. Though the matter may not have consulted everyone, the trash piling up on the streets everywhere was a huge concern for all the residents. Finally, the settlement has been reached, and the trash is taken care of.

Rat Problems

Chula Vista is giving off severe New York vibes, and no, that’s not a compliment. Chula Vista has some severe rat problems. Rodents were already a concern in Chula Vista, but the recent trash strikes have given the city’s mice a chance to prosper. Not only are rats getting huge now, but they are also becoming a health concern. Recent news outlets have reported that rats in Chula Vista have contracted Hantavirus, which may cause severe human diseases.

Homeless Problem

Chula Vista has a homeless situation. Though the city is actively working to improve the living conditions of the homeless via outreach programs and shelters, the problem still resides. Recently, Chula Vista has shut down Harborside Park to prevent homeless encampments are bulldozing encampments.

House Rates Are Always Up

Chula Vista is just not for everyone. The overall cost of living is very high compared to other cities. Houses and other real estate are also costly. If you already have a property, then selling it would be a great initiative. Most of the property sold in Chula Vista makes a good profit. Despite the elevated prices, there is still a decent buyer saturation.

Chula Vista Property Sale Value

Since Chula Vista is already considered a buyer’s market, it is no surprise that the resale value of almost all real estate gets higher yearly. Despite being on the pricier end, Chula Vista Ca still gets a surprisingly decent efflux of buyers each year. Chula Vista home value is set at around 750K with inflation of around 9-10% yearly. As of 2022, the real estate prices have been at their max, according to Redfin.com . Though a downward trend can be seen in the prices, the price range remains at the upper end.

Chula Vista Ca real estate market trends 2020 - 2022
Chula Vista, Ca real estate market trends 2020 – 2022


Real Estate Trends in Chula Vista Ca

Chula Vista has always been an expensive place to stay, comparable to that Los Angeles. That’s one of the many reasons that Los Angles and Chula Vista residents migrate between the two easily.

The housing market in Chula Vista is pretty competitive. It is estimated that around three offers get accepted every 22 days. Though the market prices can be expected to drop, the drop is only sometimes a meaningful amount. The median home value is around 520K, almost double the national average. On the other hand, the median rent value is also almost double that of the national average at 1.7K, with the national average being 1K.

According to a survey conducted by RedFin, around 74% of the resident in Chula Vista prefer to stay in the metropolitan area rather than move out and leave Chula Vista entirely.

How Can We Help You to Sell / Buy a House in Chula Vista

Dylan Graham, awarded realtor, member of the Board of Directors for the Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors, and San Diego native, is the best choice for you when considering buying or selling a house in Chula Vista California.

Proven through numerous successful transactions, with a deep knowledge of the Chula Vista real estate market trends, his unique and personal approach to each client guarantees an exceptional experience. His high-value service is based on a complete understanding of your goals and wishes. He’ll relentlessly search for the optimal option for you, as dozens of 5-star reviews confirm.

DG realtors offer:

  • An easy-to-navigate website with property-specific content
  • High-definition (HD) walkthrough video that you can easily watch from the right home
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography to give you the best idea of the property

Interactive 3-D virtual tours are specially catered to you for a complete experience.

FAQ - Chula Vista California

No. Chula Vista is not ghetto or unsafe at all. On the contrary, the total crime rate in Chula Vista is much lower than the countries and even nations average, 38.1% and 30.8% lower, respectively. This misconception arises due to misinterpretation of the diversity-rich population in Chula Vista California. Nevertheless, Chula Vista is one of the safest places to stay in all of California.

Most of Chula Vista’s population is from 6 to 17. There is also a high trend of going to college and getting degrees there. All of this signifies the education push here in Chula Vista. As far as schools are concerned, there are public and private elementary schools with great literature, math, and athletic programs.

San Diego and Chula Vista are only 13 minutes apart. You can quickly drive up to San Diego for lunch, business meeting, or shopping.

Chula Vista is known for its beautiful view, scenic waters, cultural heritage, diverse population, delicious and diverse food, and Lemon Festival. A complete package, to say the least.

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