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Mission Valley San Diego Ca

Mission Valley San Diego Ca from above

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Welcome to Mission Valley San Diego

California has always had a retro and fun vibe to it. That’s because California can have it all. Not only does California have old Hollywood elements, but it also has Disneyland and hosts the world’s biggest music festival Coachella. California has always had a vivid image but has quite a few country elements.

A beautiful wide river valley known as the Mission Valley is located just on the east-west in San Diego, California. Contrary to the boastful life of California, Mission Valley is a quiet escape. The mountains, the river, and the slow country life there add a whole new level to the tranquil experience.

Mission Valley San Diego river and green areas
Mission Valley San Diego river and green areas


The name Mission Valley may sound boring, but the actual place is far from it. Mission Valley San Diego was named due to the early Spanish settlement there. Mission Valley was initially called the “La Cañada de San Diego,” which literally translates to “The Glenn of San Diego.” The natural grooves through the Mission Valley land were the place’s highlight.

As of now, Mission Valley San Diego has been modernized. The historical parks, 3 major malls, and other developmental projects are essential to Mission Valley San Diego. Mission Valley will soon host a colossal college stadium, the Snapdragon stadium.

Where is Mission Valley San Diego?

Mission Valley is located in the heart of San Diego, between Point Loma and North Park, along a wide river valley trending east-west in California.

Mission Valley San Diego on the map - Where is Mission Valley in USA and in California
Mission Valley San Diego on the map – Where is Mission Valley in the USA and in California

Mission Valley San Diego Real Estate

Now, let’s talk about real estate down on Mission Valley. Mission Valley has the best of both worlds, from scenic view apartments to solo homes. Not only that, the accommodations have a good price range, offering something to everyone in an affordable range.

Mission Valley is often called the best vacation spot due to its scenic greenery and west coast vibes. Though this image of the valley is great for tourism, it is often misinterpreted as not a good enough spot for a long-term stay. Just because Mission Valley offers an aesthetic view doesn’t mean it compromises on all the facilities you’d need to stay there long-term.

Mission Valley San Diego center
Mission Valley San Diego center


To summarize, Mission Valley is an affordable and convenient option. First things first, the location is pretty central. Just a few minutes from San Diego, Mission Valley residents enjoy all that San Diego offers and the Mission Valley itself. 

Mission Valley has up-kept and well-maintained parks and other outdoor activities for outdoorsy folks. There are golf parks for all the golfing dads, the most infamous being the Riverwalk Golf Club, offering 18 holes. The mission mountain range is also known as the Mission Trail Regional Park. Hiking and climbing trails are orchestrated on the mountain range for a complete experience.

There’s a lot to be explored in terms of historical importance.

There are also cultural attraction sites such as Mission San Diego de Alcala – one of the first settlement missions that became scenic greenery and a white church. You can make a whole day out of just visiting Mission San Diego de Alcala. The zoo, the stadiums, the botanical gardens, and the science centers are all worth many short family trips.

Now, the most important thing is the price point. Mission Valley is more affordable than many other options in San Diego. With the urban feel that Mission Valley offers, the price point is very mild compared to its peers. According to the relators, the houses range from $220K to $1.9M. As most of the accommodations offered in Mission Valley San Diego are rented, an average rent of 2K is set here.

Essential facts for living and owning a house in Mission Valley

Old Town

Old Town San Diego near Mission Valley

California’s infamous Old Town is just a few minutes away from Mission Valley. Old Town is not only a historically significant part of California. Still, it has quite a bit of importance in modern event hosting and tourism experience.


One of the most well-known events that Old Town has is Cinco de Mayo. Having a residence in Mission Valley will allow you to experience the cultural event of Cinco de Mayo each year over a small car ride and keep your residence far from the bustle so that it doesn’t bother your sleep. 


Though Mission Valley already offers 3 well-developed malls. The old town offers a bit of a thrifty experience. Other than modern stores and walk-in shops, there are a lot of small stalls and open-air markets. The old town offers a vintage experience reminiscent of 1800’s colorful California.

Historical Places

Historical places in Mission Valley San Diego
Historical places in Mission Valley San Diego

Historical places such as Old Town San Diego State Historical Park are a great place for field trips and evening walk with kids and dogs. The park is also surrounded by old ranch houses, graveyards, and schools that are open to visitors.


Food is the main deciding factor when moving or buying a new property. Being close to grocery stores and marts is ideal, yes. But having great restaurants with delicious menus close by is on another level.

Slow Life

People looking for a quiet space to stay in for a while would find Mission Valley San Diego right up their alley. The inland areas are known for their beautiful scenery and their countryside feels. That’s precisely what Mission Valley San Diego offers. If you are a big city person, then Mission Valley won’t be a good accommodation for you. Though, the valley has advanced a lot and picked up a lot of modern elements. But in the big picture, it isn’t an urban experience.


Mission Valley San Diego full of tourists but low of families with kids
Mission Valley San Diego is full of tourists but low of families with kids

Mission Valley San Diego is a little too close to the old town. That makes Mission Valley the center hub of all the tourism attention and campsite. The old town is known for its rich culture and traditional festivals. People from all over the country come to see the festival and witness the splendor in its full form. Most of the time, tourists prefer to stay at some distance from all the parties and avoid 24/7 commotion and noise. That makes Mission Valley ideal tourists place.

Tourism is good for business but bad for residents. Not only does continuous efflux drive up the rent prices, but they also degrade the local economy and community. 

Is Mission Valley Safe – Homeless Problem And Burglary

Mission Valley has a bit of an unchecked homeless problem. The homeless community occupies several under-bridge spaces. San Diego, dubbed one of the finest cities in the US, faces the biggest homeless crisis of all time. Not only is it not a good look for the valley, but it is also not safe for homeless individuals to occupy such dangerous under-bridge places.

On top of that, Mission Valley also has a higher-than-average burglary crime rate. All other offenses and crimes are relatively low in Mission Valley. Still, burglary is much higher than in any other average American country.

Fewer Families

Mission Valley San Diego is lacks families with kids
Mission Valley San Diego lacks families with kids


As mentioned above, Mission Valley usually sees young travelers and tourists. Residents are already pretty scarce. And among these residents, families are even less. According to the statistics, Mission Valley has only 17% of families with kids.

If you are considering moving in with your family, you might want to reconsider if this is the ideal place for kids to grow up.

Expert help for Mission Valley San Diego real estate

Dylan Graham, awarded realtor, member of the Board of Directors for the Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors, and San Diego native, is the best choice for you when considering buying or selling a house in Mission Valley San Diego.

Proven through numerous successful transactions, with a deep knowledge of the Mission Valley San Diego real estate market trends, his unique and personal approach to each client guarantees an exceptional experience. His high-value service is based on a complete understanding of your goals and wishes. He’ll relentlessly search for the optimal option for you, as dozens of 5-star reviews confirm.


  1. may be the best time to resale a property you may have bought in the past. That’s because the median sale value has gone off the charts. The property you may have bought for 2M back in 2021 can now be on sale for around the same price, reducing the overall loss ratio.

As of now, San Diego has been dubbed as the seller’s market. That’s because buyers are low, driving up the property prices due to lack of competition. But the Mission Valley market fluctuates quite a bit. This is why the prices often fluctuate as well. Early in 2022, the demand was high, ranging up to 3M. But as of now, the market is regular again. Check the price range before putting the property up for sale.

Though Mission Valley is a great place to stay, it does have its fair share of cons. Let’s get this clear, Mission Valley is a beautiful place with a lot to offer. There aren’t many cons to living in Mission Valley; only a few are described below.

Market value for Mission Valley can be dubbed as a competitive market range. The median sale value for the property was 1.84M in September 2022, a downward trend compared to last year. The price point has increased by 6.2% per the median sale per square foot ratio.

On average, the property is expected to stay in the market for around 10-12 days in Mission Valley. Usually, during this time, the properties are sold off. How “hot” a specific area is depends upon the general demand of that area. In September 2022, 14 housing accommodations were sold.

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