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Point Loma in San Diego

Point Loma in San Diego - famous lighthouse

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Welcome to Point Loma in San Diego

Whether you’re single or married, it’s essential to find the best area when you buy a home. The area can even affect your life more than your house. Find the best place that’s not only beautiful but also offers you many services. If you’re looking for a house in San Diego, Point Loma should be your preferred choice. It promises a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle due to its many facilities. Moreover, you’ll love the environment there. Let’s see the main reasons for moving to this area.

Point Loma in San Diego - on the Ocean coast

History of Point Loma in San Diego

Point Loma in San Diego gains exclusive value due to its great history. It was the landing place of the first European explorers of California. Cabrillo Festival is one of the annual events here; it’s celebrated due to Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo‘s landing in 1542.

Point Loma in San Diego - Cabrillo Festival collage
Point Loma in San Diego – Cabrillo Festival collage

Cabrillo National Monument is a historic park that commemorates the event to make locals feel proud. That’s not at all! Many other events in the history of Point Loma make it a preferred place to visit and live.

Point Loma's beauty and amenities

This historic area ensures a comfortable life and features enchanting views, proximity to insanely beautiful beaches, and world-class dining. The pleasant weather supports the beauty of the place. San Diego is ranked no. 1 due to its 261 enjoyable days. The typical average daily temperature in Point Loma is 28, while in winter, the average temperature lowers to 19. You’ll face 37 degrees in July, but it’s the hottest month there. We have explored this area extensively as we offer services here. We claim it to be an attractive area to have a good life with your family.

A great place for children

Point Loma in San Diego is a great place for children

If you want to bring up your children in a good environment, it’s the best area. The education system is highly upgraded and accessible. Point Loma doesn’t disappoint any age group. You can access the best schools and universities. Amazingly, the area offers The James Edgar and Jean Jessop Hervey Public Library. It’s the largest children’s library in the city’s system and covers 25,000 square feet of community space. Locals enjoy story times and after-school movies. Passionate people can also attend arts and crafts classes. There are camps, sports teams, and many other activities for recreation. You can discover more kids’ amenities on Loma Portal, San Diego Facts for Kids.

Life and future in Point Loma

Foodies love the place as they can enjoy delicious dishes from various restaurants. The famous food here is the humble taco. You can consider your choice, but we recommend the Cesarina restaurant – 5-star on Yelp, with over 1,500 votes. The restaurant may not accept that people are crazy about it, but really they are! “Cesarina is a grandmother, a mother, a daughter— our personification of a nurturer who feeds and cares for her community,” says the restaurant.


Restaurants in Point Loma
Restaurants in Point Loma


Point Loma doesn’t only ensure temporary comfort but secures your future. If you’re a passionate teenager, there are many opportunities to showcase your talent. You’ll find many options if you want to start a business or do a job. Living in such a great place will give you confidence that you’re special and have to achieve something special. Good culture and environment will positively impact your mental health, and your mind will remain at the best stage to help you achieve your goals.

So, do you accept Point Loma in San Diego as one of the best places to settle? You can’t feel everything by just reading about the area. Living here will give you new experiences that will definitely change your viewpoints.

Point Loma's real estate market

Point Loma real estate properties for sale

The market is cool these days. The recent median list price is $2075,000. The market action index is almost 37; last month, it was 44. The median list price for condos is $1,022,000. The market action index is hovering around 63; it’s less than last month’s index, which was 66.

Don’t get confused about seeing the median price. Set your affordance and search accordingly. You can begin your search if your pocket offers at least $1275,000. Of course, how much you spend will decide how luxurious a house you’ll get. But that’s not all about affordance. Sometimes you can afford a high one, but you don’t need a big house. You want a small but beautiful home. Buyers mostly set their demands according to the bedrooms required. You can either decide the type of house according to your budget or set your budget according to the house required. We have one of the most luxurious houses for you — $7,200,000. Features 3 Beds + 3 Bathrooms while covering 3190 SqFt. Schedule a tour now and get surprised to have eye contact with everything!

Buy a multi-unit residential if you’re a big family or want to live with your friends while maintaining your privacy.


Point Loma in San Diego - great place to live
Point Loma in San Diego – a great place to live


Don’t worry if you’re looking for condos. We have much more for you. We offer an elegant condo that sits in an amazing location — $700,000. You’ll connect to the exciting scene that soothes your eyes and comforts your soul. If your pocket is heavy, you can explore more condos.

That’s not at all! You can also fulfill your dream of living in this loving place by exploring houses for rent. Don’t think you should only rent a house if you afford less. There can be many other reasons for the action; you’re confused about whether it’s a good place to live or not with your family, or you may get scared of the prices. It’s a good idea to experience the lifestyle here by paying rent for one month. The results will help make a good decision. 

You’ll have to spend money on maintenance when you buy a condo. With renting, you’ll not be responsible for this. You’ll enjoy everything in its best form! Moreover, the renter’s insurance is less than the homeowner’s insurance. There are many more benefits. Once you make up your mind, feel free to contact us for more details.


You may feel when there are many other neighborhoods, then why choose Point Loma in San Diego? The first reason is the beauty of the place and the services you’ll enjoy here. We have discussed everything in detail so you’ll not get confused about the area’s standard. The main reason is that the real estate industry is highly supporting it. Honestly, we are currently in the seller zone, but it’s still a good decision to invest money here. As Point Loma is San Diego’s special place, your decision to buy a house here will never disappoint you.

Wait! You’re investing and thinking you’ll get a big profit. But do you know the best time to invest? Maybe someone will be reading this page after many years and consider that time the perfect one to buy a house, as the content shows. You must know the appropriate time to get maximum profit. 

According to the general estimate, the best time of the year to buy a house is in the first quarter. So, there’s a high chance that you’ll pay less for your house if you begin shopping from January to March. How great it’ll be! You can then sell your house when prices increase.

Renting a home is a good option if you don’t plan to live in Point Loma for at least five years. There can be many reasons, such as job issues, family adjustment, etc. Rents are likely to lower in winter. The best time is between December and March. The months between May and October are considered the worst months.

Don’t think homeowners only sell their homes when they need money or they want to shift to another home. Selling homes is considered a good business in the real estate industry. It has been cleared through the above statements that buying a home in Point Loma in San Diego is a good idea. So, people will keep on supporting the part of the real estate industry that works for Point Loma. You may feel prices are high. But imagine the demand significantly increases, and your property’s value goes to the next level.

Don’t think it’s so simple to buy or sell a home. You can be the mastermind of the game, but you need a helper. The helper should be the person who guides you throughout the whole process so you can efficiently take every step and make a beneficial deal. We’ll name this helper “Dylan Graham”—the passionate realtor whose mission is to help his clients make successful dealings and enjoy luxurious lives. 

You may think you shouldn’t hire a realtor to save money. If you’re a real estate agent and making dealings for yourself, then it’s okay. But if you’re not professional, you can’t deal with everything as a professional realtor can. Dylan Graham works with the enthusiastic team to help you access the best seller/buyer.

If you’re a buyer, you just have to choose the house. Everything will be up to us! It’s our responsibility to connect you to the ideal seller. We’ll verify if they are reliable and offer a beneficial deal. If you want to learn the process so you’ll be confident when you buy a house next time, you can remain in touch with us. We’ll guide you throughout the process and ensure effective steps. You may become over-conscious as buying a property in Point Loma is not an ordinary step. We have high patience to deal effectively with confused buyers. We use the latest technology to show everything more readily. You’ll find an easy research process to choose the best house for you. Our inspiring communication skills will leave you 100% satisfied.

If you’re a seller, submit details and go back to your comfort zone. You don’t have to worry about fraud, unacceptable offers, misleading information, or anything. Due to our valuable experience, it’s not challenging for us to find a perfect buyer for you. You may feel confused about setting a price. It requires a lot of research, observation, and sometimes experience. After all these steps, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get accurate results. After doing everything, it’s a chance of setting an unrealistic price and getting a big loss, or you may not get any buyer due to a high price.

We’ll guide you about trends, buyers’ expectations, and results so you can effectively make a decision. We’ll also offer suggestions if you want to increase your house value. Many factors affect the price, such as time, the house’s appearance, damages, etc. We’ll suggest the best time to sell your house and ways to enhance its appearance & fix damages. For example, the price can be increased by painting your house.

You’ll feel like you just pressed the button, and everything was done automatically. It’s awesome to remain in your comfort zone throughout the process and get money in your account. 

If you want to discover more neighborhoods, check our articles about San Diego communities, rich with data and deep insights from Dylan.

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