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Rolando Village in San Diego California

Rolando Village the heart of California

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Welcome to Rolando Village

Rolando Village California

Rolando Village is located in the hills of San Diego and offers a variety of amenities for its residents.

The village is close to various local attractions, such as restaurants and grocery stores. It also has plenty of open spaces and trails that its residents can enjoy. Rolando Village is a great choice if you’re looking for a peaceful place.

This area has plenty of activities and facilities to keep residents busy. It’s also a great location for families and individuals who commute to San Diego. The village is close to various shops and restaurants. It’s also a great location for residents to enjoy the various parks that are nearby. Various homes are available, such as single-family houses and small condominiums. Pets are also allowed in the village.

The neighborhood of Rolando Village

The Rolando Village neighborhood is located in San Diego, and it’s a great place to settle if you want to be near crowded, exciting city life and peaceful nature. It’s close to the University of California and a great place for young professionals and college students. In addition, the neighborhood association hosts various events, such as an Easter egg hunt.

If you want a quiet and calm neighborhood that can accommodate a family, then Rolando Village is the place for you.

There are a variety of great restaurants in Rolando Village that serve excellent food and have great happy hours. One of these is Farmer’s Bottega, a great place to enjoy a meal with friends.

Rolando Village San Diego restaurants

Another interesting place is Rolandito’s Restaurant, a family-friendly restaurant serving Mexican food. The San Diego Reader recently named Tijuana Picnic one of the city’s best new restaurants.

If you want to do something fun on weekends, there are plenty of options. The San Diego Public Library’s Rolando branch is a great place to spend time with family and friends.

Rolando Village San Diego California - pet friendly neighborhood

The nearby Morley Field Dog Park is also popular with pet owners.

Schools in Rolando Village

The type of school people are looking for can vary depending on the criteria they are looking for. For instance, some people are interested in schools with strong sports programs, while others are looking for schools that are better prepared for students in higher education. Although independent organizations such as Niche can help parents decide, they are still encouraged to verify these ratings with other sources.

It’s no surprise that places with highly-rated schools tend to have higher home prices due to the demand for these neighborhoods. So if you’re planning on having children in the future, it’s essential to check out the schools in the area that are rated highly. Some schools include Old Town Academy, located in the metro area, and Mt. Everest Academy, Wisconsin.

Several schools in the metro area, such as The Learning Choice Academy, Lewis Middle School, and the O’Farrell Charter School, are currently among the 12 A+ schools in the district. In addition, several high schools, such as the O’Farrell Charter School, are also rated highly.

Rolando Village schools

One of the most important factors that people should consider when it comes to choosing a school is the consistency of its ratings. While having great elementary schools in the area is important, it’s also important to consider the middle and high schools attending. The ratings from Niche and other sources, such as the local school district, are very similar. So, if you’re planning on having children in the future, this neighborhood might be an excellent place to start.

Activities for Kids in Rolando Village

Access to nearby parks, daycare centers, preschools, and other child-friendly facilities is important for families with kids. There are several parks in San Diego and Rolando, such as Lake Murray Community Park, Woodstock’s Pizza, and Princess del Cerro Park. These facilities provide a great recreational area for both adults and kids. During the summer, families can enjoy a picnic under the shade of trees or walk along the trail to the park.

Rolando Village San Diego California parks and places for kids
Rolando Village San Diego California parks and places for kids

One of the most amazing factors that families consider when choosing a good childcare center is proximity to one close to their home. There are a variety of childcare facilities in Rolando that are suitable for young families, such as the De Anza Child Development Center and the NHA Skills Center. In addition to these, other nearby facilities, such as urgent care centers, are also beneficial.

Nearby cool places

Besides the quality of the neighborhood itself, factors such as the proximity of schools, restaurants, and stores can also affect a person’s decision to live in a neighborhood. A high walk score can help people find the best places to eat and shop.

Rolando San Diego, has plenty of dining options. Various restaurants cater to different people, such as S3 Coffee Bar, Tea Time, and Pappalecco. On weekends, you can enjoy a relaxing meal at one of the many restaurants in the area, such as D Z Akin’s, Pho Ca Da, or San Diego Blenders. If you’re craving sweets, there are several dessert shops in the area, such as Windmill Farms, Yogurtland, and Bistro Sixty.

Rolando Village - nearby cool places

People love to order food from various restaurants, such as Picante Taqueria, Fosters Freeze, and Taco El Panson. There are also great places to enjoy a meal, such as Pete’s Place, The Kosher Place, and the Proprietor’s Reserve Wine Bar. If you’re a fan of German food, you can visit one of the local restaurants, such as Wienerschnitzel.

In addition to restaurants, Rolando also has a variety of grocery stores. These include El Paisano Victor’s Market, Ben’s Produce Market, and Smart & Final.


Noise levels in a neighborhood are higher when the walk score is higher than the average. So if you’re a noise-sensitive person, you might consider moving to a neighborhood with a lower walk score.

In San Diego, the air quality in Rolando was good last month, with an AQI of 40. However, in 2020, it wasn’t good, with an AQI of over 100.

The quality of life that a person can enjoy varies depending on various factors. For instance, some home buyers may want to live in a city that offers a variety of activities and attractions close to their location. On the other hand, others may prefer to live in the suburbs, known for their peaceful and tranquil atmospheres.

One of the most important factors people should consider when choosing a neighborhood is the availability of various amenities. In Rolando, San Diego, for instance, the walk score is 87, the bike score is 59, and the transit score is 51. This area is accessible, so most of the errands people need can be completed on foot.

Public transit is provided by the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) in Rolando. There are 16 bus stops in the area, and the nearest airport is the San Diego International Airport.

Rolando Village San Diego California transportation
Rolando Village San Diego California transportation

In addition to this, the freeways that are closest to Rolando, such as I-8 and CA-94, are also nearby.

One of the most amazing factors that a person can consider when assessing the quality of a neighborhood is the number of homes sold in the past five years. This could indicate that it’s an up-and-coming area with many people moving in. On the other hand, a low number of home sales could mean that current residents are not interested in living here. It would be great to speak with this neighborhood’s residents to understand better what they’re like.

Forty-five homes have been sold in Rolando in San Diego in the last 30 days, with July being the hottest month with the median price of 245000 and the lowest was in march and august with 120000.

Before deciding to move, it’s important to consider other factors such as the neighborhood’s overall quality and the number of houses in it. Doing so could help you identify whether this area is a good fit. Also, it’s important to note that plenty of parking spaces, and the neighborhood is maintained properly.

Nearby areas:

  • San Diego State 
  • Redwood Village 
  • Del Cerro 
  • El Cerrito
  • College East 
  • La Mesa
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The Rolando community has a total population of 8498, with 53% males and 47% females. There are also families with single females and single-male families residing in this neighborhood. The average household size in this area is 2.92.

  1. 90% of the community living in Rolando Village have said that grocery stores are from a walking distance.
  2. 80% have said that the car is required for going to different places.
  3. 40% said that the neighbors are friendly.
  4. 33% said there’s wildlife.
  5. 52% considered it safe to walk outside at night.

If you want to move to a more peaceful and tranquil city, we can help you find a home that fits your needs—different styles and options suitable for people looking to simplify their lives. Being a San Diego native, Dylan Graham knows all neighborhoods and features of each community. Due to his unique and personal approach, he’ll carefully hear your goals, needs and desires and find the best real estate in Rolando Village for you.

If you plan to sell your house in Rolando Village, Dylan will quickly find a buyer and guide you through the tedious process of selling a house. He’s known to make it enjoyable adventure for all his clients.

To make the decision of finding the best Rolando Village realtor, we offer you a free 30-minute consultation, no strings attached.

Rolando Village California median price for houses 2022

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