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Welcome to San Diego Coronado

San Diego Coronado is an island that refers to “crowned one.” The Hotel del Coronado was completed in 1888, and the resort became a prominent part of the island’s history. In 1900, a “Tent City” was also established to cater to more modest travelers. The fun continued as the resort community grew.

It’s home to various military facilities, such as the Navy Seals Training Center. This area is also surrounded by water, and one can often spot training exercises on the beaches. So it’s no surprise that plenty of military people are on the island.

If you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy the best of both worlds, look no further than the beautiful beaches and resort-style living available in Coronado.

The area is evenly split between renters and homeowners. About 20% of the residents didn’t go to college, and 27% earned their bachelor’s degrees. Around 25% went on to earn a graduate-level degree. A significant portion of the population speaks Spanish, either as a primary language or in addition to English. The main area code of the city is 619, and the various ZIP codes in the area are 92135, 92118, 92155, and 92932.

Coronado - the main street

Downtown Coronado is a charming coastal village with a laid-back San Diego feel. Visitors can enjoy a variety of shops and restaurants in this area and go shopping for souvenirs and food. For example, suppose you’re craving a taste of the summer, head over to Moo Time Creamery, a local ice cream shop serving various ice cream and other food. On the other hand, suppose you’re craving something more substantial; head to one of the many restaurants offering upscale seafood or brick oven pizza.

One of the most amazing areas to visit in this area is the local brewery Coronado Brewing Company, well known for its signature mermaid. This place is also known for its indoor and outdoor dining options. The beautiful weather throughout the area makes it a great time to enjoy local food and drink.

In addition to being known for its healthy food, San Diego Coronado also has plenty of options for people looking for various vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. This region is a great place to live if you’re looking for a vegan, vegetarian, or dairy-free lifestyle.

Amazing place for families

Coronado for families

The school district of San Diego Coronado has several high-performing schools for K-12 students. Some of these include Village Elementary, Silver Strand Elementary, and CMS. In addition, parents can send their children to private schools such as Christ Church Day School or Sacred Heart Parish School.

In addition, San Diego Coronado has its recreation department, which offers various programs and activities for adults and kids. These include dance and art classes, sports leagues, and aquatics programs. The department also provides scholarships to local children.

The library of the city of Coronado is also a great place for families to gather. It features various programs such as story times and adult classes.

Real estate in Coronado - stable market

Despite its many attractions, such as its beautiful beaches and low crime rate, real estate in San Diego Coronado can still be very expensive. However, the housing market will slow down, with the population expected to increase over the next few decades.

According to data from realtor.com, the median home sales price in San Diego is about $1.53 million. However, Redfin noted that prices had dropped 5.2% in the past year. There are also a variety of architectural styles available in the area.

Living in Coronado - close knit

Coronado community is a tight knit

Many popular areas with tourists lack the same cozy feel that residents enjoy in the more traditional areas of the city. In addition to providing its cultural institutions and various recreational opportunities, the city of Coronado also boasts numerous other attractions.

To keep the community up-to-date with the latest events happening in the city, the city’s residents are regularly notified through the local newsletter, known as the “Coronado Currents.” This publication features various arts and cultural events and provides a variety of community announcements. In addition, the city’s website also has information.

Throughout the year, San Diego Coronado hosts various community events designed to bring out the community’s residents. These include the Motorcars on Main Street event, the Historic Home Tour, the Summer Concerts Series, the Holiday Open House, and the Parade.

These events are designed to bring out the community’s residents and encourage them to become more involved in the city’s local life.

Coronado schools

Although it’s known for its white sandy beaches, the island of Coronado can seem like a place people visit. However, this is not the case. The school system here shows that it’s a great place to live and has plenty of options. There are two schools on the island, and the students attend Silver Strand and Village Elementary.

If you’re looking for an educational institution dedicated to providing an arts-focused education for your child, the Coronado Art school is a great fit. According to niche.com, all the schools in Coronado town are highly regarded.

Coronado history and art

San Diego is known for its cultural capital. There are a variety of museums that are dedicated to the arts and history in the city. These include the San Diego Art Institute, the Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of Photographic Arts.

San Diego Coronado history and art
San Diego Coronado history and art

If you’re a performing arts fan, you’ll want to book your calendar for events at some of the city’s most prominent venues, such as the La Jolla Playhouse and the Old Globe.

Coronado employment

San Diego is a great place for people looking for job opportunities in various industries. Its low unemployment rate of 3.4% and vibrant economy make it an ideal choice for workers looking for jobs in science, technology, defense, healthcare, and professional services. In addition to universities and colleges, the US Navy and other maritime agencies also offer numerous job opportunities.

San Diego is a great place for people looking for job opportunities in various industries. Its innovation scene is thriving and attracting many talented individuals. Some prominent companies that have set up operations in this area include Amazon, Apple, Illumina, and Dexcom.

Tourist attractions

The charming town of Coronado Island offers crystal waters, crystal beaches, and a friendly beach town feel. The Hotel Del Coronado, established in 1888, has been a popular gathering place for locals and tourists. Its location, along with the impeccable food and art of its establishments, make it an ideal choice for both beach lovers and business travelers.


Hotel Del Coronado

The Hotel Del Coronado was founded in 1888 and has been a San Diego icon for over a hundred years. It’s regarded as one of the most popular beachfront resorts in the country, and it features impressive Victorian architecture. Apart from being one of the largest wooden buildings in the country, the hotel has also been visited by various celebrities. These include Franklin Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, and Marilyn Monroe.

San Diego Coronado - Hotel del Coronado through time
San Diego Coronado – Hotel del Coronado through time

The hotel was initially regarded as the largest resort in the world when it opened. It continues to strive for excellence by providing its guests with various upscale services and accommodations. It also offers pet-friendly accommodations and a variety of shopping options. In addition, the hotel’s onsite spa provides various treatments and massage services designed to keep guests coming back for more.



The beach in the city of Coronado is located in San Diego Bay and is regarded as one of the most amazing beaches in the country. It first became known for its hot spot after being featured in the 1958 film “Some Like it Hot.” Various websites and magazines have also ranked it as one of the top beaches.

The beach in Coronado is located in San Diego Bay and is regarded as one of the best beaches in the US. It runs from the Hotel Del Coronado’s front to the area in front of Sunset Park. This wide and flat beach is ideal for various activities such as walking, wakeboarding, and bathing. However, it gets crowded during the day, so it’s important to find a good parking spot early in the morning.

One of the most amazing areas of the beach is the area in front of the Hotel Del Coronado. It’s where Bill “The Sand Castle Man” Pavlacka often works. He creates sculptures and structures using the sand on the beach. He’s known for his unique art pieces and is often found in front of the hotel.


Coronado Ferry Landing

The landing pier at the San Diego Ferry Terminal in Coronado is a must-vis for anyone planning to take the ferry. It features a large marketplace and plenty of activities for the whole family.

If you want to go to San Diego by ferry, this terminal will allow you to enjoy amazing views of the city and the famous Coronado Bridge.


San Diego Old Town

San Diego Coronado Old Town Trolley
San Diego Coronado Old Town Trolley


The Old Town Trolley is an amazing way to explore The Hotel del Coronado while taking advantage of your vacation time. This Victorian-style hotel has been a favorite of celebrities and guests for over 120 years. Among the notable individuals visiting this property are Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Tony Curtis. Avail of the lowest prices and get the best deals by purchasing your tickets through our website.

Is Coronado safe

Despite its large size, San Diego Coronado is considered one of the country’s safest cities. Its low crime rate and property crime make it an ideal location for raising a family. According to the San Diego report, the city was named the 2017’s lowest violent crime city.

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