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Talmadge San Diego California

Talmadge San Diego California photo from the plane

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Welcome to Talmadge San Diego

Talmadge San Diego, CA, is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in San Diego. Why? Because it’s so quiet and peaceful. Talmadge is an excellent place for families with children. There are many soccer fields, parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, and more.

Talmadge San Diego California photo bird eye view
Talmadge San Diego California photo bird-eye view


When people think of San Diego, they think of the beach and beautiful weather, but that isn’t all there is to this city. Talmadge is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in San Diego and has some fantastic properties for sale. Look no further if you’re looking for the best Talmadge real estate!

Talmadge San Diego on the Map

Talmadge Ca is in the heart of San Diego, surrounded by Kensington, Rolando Village, La Messa, and North Park. It is 5 miles from the beach, settled on the elevated terrain.

Talmadge San Diego is approximately one mile from the Mission Valley Freeway (I-8) and Escondido Freeway (SR-78) – far enough to have clean air but near for an easy departure.

Historical Peculiarity of Talmadge San Diego CA

Talmadge San Diego was founded in 1925 by Roy and Guy Lichty, who were into real estate development. The area was named after Joe Shenick’s wife, Norma Talmadge, and her sisters, Natalie and Constance (adored film stars from the silent movies era). It was primarily funded by the president of the United Artists Corporation.

The town was named after Talmadge’s Rancho San Diego, which the Talmadge family purchased in 1821. Talmadge’s Rancho San Diego is considered one of the oldest towns in San Diego County.

The three sisters were well-known silent film actors who starred in blockbusters like Intolerance and Forbidden Love. The sisters had a dedication ceremony at the height of their acting careers in Talmadge on January 3, 1926. Over 10,000 San Diego residents came, in addition to well-known celebrities, including Buster Keaton, Natalie Talmadge’s husband, and film cowboy William S. Hart. The historic Talmadge Gates mark the village’s entrances.

Talmadge San Diego history - Talmadge Gates then and now
Talmadge San Diego history – Talmadge Gates then and now

Talmadge’s excellent story and peculiar history make it a strong community of people you should explore.

Talmadge Community - strengths and benefits

When you plan to purchase a home, there are many things to consider. Safety is essential, as the kind of neighborhood it is located in and other factors. The following are reasons why you should consider investing in Talmadge homes for sale.

Numerous Opportunities to Participate in the Community

The Talmadge San Diego community has many opportunities for its members to participate. You can offer your time or skills at one of the partner organizations and help others who need help. You can also become involved with projects, such as:

  • neighborhood’s Watch & Patrol Program,
  • Talmadge Community Council,
  • TMAD (maintenance assessment district),
  • KTPG (community planning group),
  • ECBBIA (business improvement association).

Talmadge’s community has seen several projects executed, which have added to the community’s rapid development. For instance, the planting of 400 trees in the community was completed by the TMAD, the grand historic lighting, and so on.

These projects and organizations’ primary goals are to boost the Talmadge real estate value and enhance its residents’ high quality of life.


Availability of an excellent educational system

Talmadge has an outstanding and notable educational system. It is within walking distance of many schools, including Herbert Hoover High School, Euclid Child Development Center, and The Waldorf School of San Diego. This makes it easy for homes with young children to meet their educational needs without worrying about travel time or long commutes!

Talmadge San Diego exceptional schools and great educational system

The educational system in Talmadge is one of the best in the area, so if you’re looking for an excellent place to raise your kids, this might be it! The school district is known for its high-performing children, and plenty of parks and sports teams are available for students who want to get involved.


Beautiful Historic Architecture

San Diego Talmadge nine examples of beautiful architecture in the neighborhood

The Talmadge San Diego community is a beautiful historic neighborhood in San Diego with stunning architecture and a buzzing commercial district. Some of the different historical architecture and vintage styles enjoyed by Talmadge residents who love architectural views include:

  • Spanish Revival,
  • California bungalow,
  • Cape Cod cottage, and
  • Normandy Style,

among the ancient architectural styles, they love.

The California Ranch House and Mid-Century Modern designs that renowned California architect Cliff created may boost the value of the vintage homes for sale in Talmadge. The May design, known as “The Lindstrom House,” is a designated National Historic Landmark. There’s something here for everyone—from those who prefer a quiet, residential neighborhood to those who want to be close to all of Balboa Park’s attractions and museums.


Restaurants and Bars

Talmadge is located in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in San Diego—investing in Talmadge, CA homes for sale will give you access to everything from glittering beaches to historic buildings and amazing restaurants! Living in Talmadge, San Diego, is like living in the heart of downtown. You’re just a few steps from some of the best restaurants and bars in town and great locations to hang out at night.

The Talmadge restaurant scene is constantly changing and will undoubtedly offer a wide range of culinary choices to satisfy the demands of every local. The Talmadge region has a wide variety of dining establishments, including the standard fast-food restaurant, the understated boutique, and a wine café. This includes Saigon Restaurant, Salsa Brava, El Borrego Restaurant, Pho Hoa, etc.


Renowned Nightlife

This neighborhood is quite famous for its exciting nightlife. One of the best things about living in Talmadge is that you have the opportunity to be involved in the vibrant nightlife of San Diego! Whether you’re looking for a place to party, hang out, or enjoy some drinks with friends, Talmadge has covered you. There are various bars, restaurants, and clubs within walking distance, and there’s even an on-site pool and gym if you need some exercise after a night out.

Some establishments that offer outstanding nightlife to residents of Talmadge are Til-Two Club, Romeo & Julieta Wine Cafe, and so on.


Exceptional all-around family-friendly events

Talmadge San Diego California block parties and holiday celebrations
Talmadge San Diego California block parties and holiday celebrations


Talmadge is home to many family-friendly events and activities, including concerts, movies in the park, art festivals, game nights, and more! Christmas carol singing on the circle, Halloween and 4th of July parades with rewards for patriotic spirit, the Lunar New Year festival, and the yearly neighborhood block party are all annual events in Talmadge.

Beautiful and Fun Places Around Talmadge to Unwind

Talmadge San Diego park and green areas for kids, pets and seniors to enjoy

Talmadge is where you can take time out of your everyday life to disconnect and become refreshed. Talmadge truly has a lot to offer; if that wasn’t enough, they are in a perfect location. Many people like to unwind, relax, and let their minds wander out of reality so they can return home refreshed. But the problem is, not everybody knows of places you can visit around Talmadge that do just that. The following are places you can see around Talmadge to unwind.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is one of the most iconic parks in San Diego. It’s also one of the most beautiful—with its rolling hills and Mediterranean-style architecture, it’s a place you’d be hard-pressed to find somewhere similar anywhere else in the world.

Beautiful hills encompass it, and the park has many features, including gardens, museums, and monuments. Balboa Park is also home to many events throughout the year, and it is a treasure trove of history, art, and culture. It’s home to the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Museum of Art, and the San Diego Repertory Theatre. Various local restaurants, shops, and other attractions are present, and you can visit them while you’re there.

The San Diego Zoo is just a few miles from Talmadge, California, and provides visitors with a chance to learn about animals.

Talmadge residents can quickly reach the San Diego Zoo
Talmadge residents can quickly reach the San Diego Zoo


At the same time, they enjoy the beautiful scenery around them! If you want to have fun with your family while visiting Talmadge, this would definitely be one option!

If you’ve never been to Balboa Park before, it’s worth exploring. The proximity of Talmadge to Balboa is one of the major drivers of development in Talmadge and has helped Talmadge CA homes for sale. You’ll discover many things to do and see here that you’ll want to spend all day there!

Mission Bay

You may engage in all kinds of water sports activities here. Water activities for every age and experience include

  • sailing classes,
  • kite surfing,
  • stand-up paddle boarding,
  • jet skiing,
  • wakeboarding,

and everything in between. On the Bahia Belle, a stern-wheeler designed to resemble a Mississippi riverboat and frequently featuring live music, you can also take a moonlit cruise. Families can enjoy bonfires next to the water, picnics, barbecues, and bike rentals on land. The region has several places to stay, from luxurious resorts to affordable motels, and you can consider going for Talmadge apartments for rent.

SeaWorld San Diego, the renowned marine life adventure park, is located near Mission Bay. Children of all ages will love learning about the marvels and adventures of the sea, thanks to amazing shows, exhilarating rides, and spectacular up-close animal experiences. Many operators provide half-day, full-day, and multi-day trips from Mission Bay if sport fishing is your passion. Numerous of these boats also offer whale viewing cruises over the two seasons.

Petco Park

Petco Park, San Diego’s Padres home, is one of baseball’s most beautiful ballparks. It is a baseball stadium in San Diego, California. It is located in the city’s downtown area and opened in 2004. The stadium was built on the Qualcomm Stadium site, home to Major League Baseball.

Rugby, football, tennis, racing, golf, and basketball are sports at Petco Park. The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Aerosmith, Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, and Billy Joel are just a few well-known artists that have played in the park. The location also held the Season 11 auditions for the singing reality television program, American Idol.

Additionally, Petro Park served as the location for The Food Network’s “Chairman’s Challenge” filming.

Expert help for Talmadge San Diego real estate

Dylan Graham, awarded realtor, member of the Board of Directors for the Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors, and San Diego native, is the best choice for you when considering buying or selling a house in Talmadge San Diego.

Proven through numerous successful transactions, with a deep knowledge of the Talmadge San Diego real estate market trends, his unique and personal approach to each client guarantees an exceptional experience. His high-value service is based on a complete understanding of your goals and wishes. He’ll relentlessly search for the optimal option for you, as dozens of 5-star reviews confirm.

FAQ - Talmadge San Diego real estate

The short answer is yes. Talmadge has a very low crime rate, is a safe place to live, and is one of the safest parts of San Diego. Besides regular police, there is a 24/7 community watch. The neighborhood is also very family-friendly, with many parks and playgrounds to take advantage of. It’s also known for its diversity, which has made it an important part of San Diego’s history.

Owning a house in Talmadge is an excellent investment. The real estate market in Talmadge, San Diego, is highly competitive. The average sale price of homes is 770K. The average sale price per square foot in 2022. was $750 and climbing.
In 2022. the average sale price went down by 17% compared to 2021, meaning now is the best time to buy a house in Talmadge. We can help expedite the process, allowing you to grab an excellent opportunity.
The prices of homes in Talmadge will go up again, so if you plan to sell your property in Talmadge, we recommend call us, and we’ll tell you when is the best time for the real estate transaction.

Talmadge vintage homes are assessed not only based on their structural value but also their historical worth. Apart from this, with the number of homes in Talmadge not being so excessive, procuring houses there is a very good investment. After getting any house in Talmadge, you can rest assured that you have procured a valuable asset that can only appreciate.

Talmadge is located right in the heart of San Diego, which means you’re close to everything that makes this city great! It’s only a little drive from the beach, Downtown San Diego, and Balboa Park. Talmadge is also known for its parks and open space, as well as its tree-lined streets and several historic homes. It is also known for its high-quality schools and low crime rate, making it an excellent location to raise your family or begin your career.

Talmadge Community is a great place to call home, with its easy access to other areas in San Diego and its many recreational opportunities. The built-in park system makes it an ideal location to be a part of. If you’re planning on getting a home, you might consider our listings in Talmadge, San Diego, CA.

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