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University Heights San Diego California

University Heights San Diego California

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Welcome to University Heights San Diego

University Heights is a quiet neighborhood in central San Diego that doesn’t receive many visitors. It is made up mainly of locals and is just north of the famous University Heights Park. The I-8 and I-805 are nearby, which makes it easy for residents of this neighborhood to get to different parts of San Diego.

San Diego University Heights neighborhood on the map
San Diego University Heights neighborhood on the map


The University Heights area was founded in 1888 and was named after the University of Southern California, which is how this neighborhood got its name.

If you’re looking to move to San Diego and need somewhere near good schools, easy access to all local amenities, and a walkable layout, University Heights is a great choice. You can take advantage of all sorts of benefits when living there. Here are some reasons why the people of this neighborhood love to live there.

University Heights San Diego Ca - essential facts

Life in University Heights San Diego

1) Proximity to Hillcrest and Balboa Park

One of the reasons University Heights is popular is its location – it’s just south of Mission Valley East and is bordered by Normal Heights, North Park, and Hillcrest. It is only 2 miles from the Ocean and Coronado. University Heights’ residents feel that it has a lot in common with nearby areas as a neighborhood.

If you like the vibe at Balboa Park, you will probably like the atmosphere in University Heights. It is also a short distance from there to access I-8 and 163, which means you can quickly get around.

University Heights San Diego is a diverse community with many attractions to offer, and there are various ways to get here. You can also commute to different parts of San Diego to work or return home from your place of employment.

2) University Heights amenities are within easy reach

University Heights San Diego has become more and more popular in recent years. Many people enjoy the convenience of not having to drive everywhere because you can find everything locally.

This community is surrounded by many things that make it easy to get around, including highways and public transportation. If you are looking for convenient living with all the amenities, University Heights might be the perfect fit!

University Heights is considered among the most walkable neighborhoods in San Diego. This means having a meal and shopping conveniently without jumping in your car. If you stay for the night, you can easily find hotels within walking distance.

3) An excellent neighborhood for families

University Heights San Diego - Belmont Park

University Heights San Diego is one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in California. It’s also known for its mild climate year-round, making it an ideal place to raise children. University Heights is situated close to parks, libraries, and shopping centers.

Balboa Park is a great place to live, as it includes schools, parks, and other places to go with your family. Kids can also attend the San Diego Zoo in the park and play there.

Belmont Park is one of San Francisco’s best-loved parks, and it’s nearby to be easily accessed. It’s convenient for those without a car, and you won’t have to pay an admission fee either. It even has enough people from the neighborhood who drive over to make it a popular spot.

Many plays and social activities are designed for kids in University Heights, so it’s a great place to raise a family. A popular activity is spending time at the indoor play center Tinkergarten.

University Heights San Diego California is excellent for children

Tinkergarten is a coed playground surrounded by colorful, interactive design. The hands-on lessons help kids learn quickly through playful activities, and the social interactions are natural in the space, thanks to the fact that it caters to children of different ages.

4) No need for cars - University Heights is generally walkable

University Heights is a great place to live because you can get anywhere without driving. It also helps save on gas expenses and saves money for you.

For areas that are not within walking distance, public transit has excellent routes with up to 14 bus stops nearby.

The I-8 and I-805 are incredibly close to University Heights if you own a car. Their proximity to Downtown San Diego provides fast access to the entire city.

The streets are usually bustling with pedestrians going to and from various places in the neighborhood, which generally means it is light on vehicle traffic and is safe for people to travel by foot.

It is easy to get to all your favorite places without long car trips. The walkable neighborhoods are also a great way for people to practice physical activity daily. Walking for at least 20 minutes daily is linked with health and longevity. It also provides an added benefit to heart health.

5) University Heights apartments and houses

University Heights apartments and houses

The neighborhood of University Heights is great for renters. It consists of 75% rentals and 25% owner occupancies.

The average rent in this area is around $1,400, which is quite affordable for such a high-demand location.

Regarding home ownership, the average cost of houses is $650,000, which may seem a bit pricey, but it is relatively standard in this area of town. Housing options can vary quite a bit depending on your needs and tastes. You will find styles ranging from Spanish Colonial to Californian, with plenty of variations.

6) Lots of fun things and activities to do in University Heights San Diego

The Adams Avenue neighborhood has several events and things to do, including concerts every Friday, the Adams Avenue Street Fair, and more.

Every July, Adams Avenue celebrates the Diversity of our community. Come and taste local delicacies and a variety of wines and brews. If you want to try all the food and drinks from all the vendors at the festival, your best bet is to purchase an all-access pass. A standard ticket costs $40 and includes food but not drink tickets.

University Heights, part of the Hillcrest neighborhood, is home to one of San Diego’s most crucial LGBTQ+ theater spaces and productions. The Diversionary Theatre is an astonishingly versatile space providing a collaborative, safe environment for its performers and audiences.

University Heights San Diego Diversionary Theatre
University Heights San Diego Diversionary Theatre


The Arena Theater’s productions have a diverse cast of actors to represent the city’s talent and celebrate themes important to our society that are often ignored.

Important to know if you plan to sell or buy a house in University Heights San Diego

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